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The applicant tracking system streamlines your entire hiring process helping you:
Reduce time and effort required to hire employees.
Hire better employees.
Save Money.
Built to be a simple yet powerful system for small to medium sized businesses, will help you quickly determine which candidates are the best fit for your organization.

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How your company can benefit from using
Reduce time and effort to hire employees
Candidate information is automatically entered into the system as the candidate applies. No one needs to import any resume information.
No need to search through resumes. Your best candidates are automatically sorted out using our questionnaire and scoring system.
Candidates not meeting your job requirements are automatically rejected and notified of rejection.
Integrated interviewing system expedites the interview process.
Easily organize all job offerings.

Hire better employees
No need to rely on resume alone as candidates are pre-screened and auto rejected.
Standardized interview questions you create ensure all candidates get asked the same questions.
Interviewer collaboration system allows multiple interviewers to discuss candidates online.

Save Money
Setting up your company with eHiring is free and because we offer a self service solution our prices are a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Reduce company costs through time savings.
Reduce company costs through reduction in paper trail.
No need for dedicated HR staff as the hiring manager can easily coordinate the entire process.
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